Essay Contest – Advance Australia… THERE!

NAPLAN results highlight what we’re hearing from schools:  writing is one of the toughest skills to improve. Yet people recognise that written  communication is fundamental to students’ success in our digital future. What to do?!

As companies in the education and technology sector, we want to support student and teacher success. We know that when teachers can easily access detailed data on student performance, their impact is even more powerful. When students express their views on meaningful topics, we all benefit.

To spark interest in better writing and to provide participating teachers with free insights into their students’ skills, we are sponsoring a nationwide short essay contest for RIGHT NOW.  Students can participate across three levels: Years 5-6, 7-9 and 10-12. The Prompt is:

“Advance Australia… THERE!

How can technology help create a brighter future for Australia?

What’s in it for:

Students: Winners at each level will receive a Microsoft Surface tablet. Even better for everyone, we will collect and share the core sentiment of what students have to say about the Australia they envision.

Teachers : We will pass all student essays into our machine learning capabilities, producing detailed data on the cohort and your students’ writing. Imagine having insights into student writing skills without reading a single essay! Literatu will show teachers how to save time with instant feedback that can help students refine critical writing skills. We really want to engage with you as we develop our text analysis tool and learn from your input.

Schools: With no obligation, participating schools gain early-adopter access to our writing platform for the 2018 school year.

Australia: Today’s students are tomorrow’s citizens and leaders. We should know how students feel about the future and understand the way they want technology to influence this vision.


Contest Closes 27 November!

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