Invitation to Contribute – Essay Samples

Literatu is a software platform that helps schools “transform data chaos into student success.” We do this in a few key ways:

  • loading and analysing the diagnostic tests schools already use,
  • giving teachers analytical insights into patterns and details of students’ learning gaps
  • facilitating online assessments For, As and Of learning
  • applying algorithms to make predictions and prescribe adaptive learning activities

We are currently sponsoring an essay contest for the Future of Technology Summit featuring speakers such as Steve Wozniak and Ray Kurzweil who will also help choose the winning essays.

Our goal for running the essay contest is to apply advanced analysis and analytics to the students’ essays in an effort to improve their success and enjoyment of writing.

Here’s where YOU come in!  We need a sample of student essays to train and tweak our analysis engines.

We need a common collection of + 100 essays on the same topic from a year group (9-12).  Because our timeline is VERY tight (the contest closes in less than a month), this would only work if the essays were already completed and archived – perhaps a common task that’s already in a shared folder or online system. Obviously, the essays need to be digital (docs, PDFs, online links).  We need them ASAP – hours and days, not weeks!

In return for your and the students’ participation, we will provide very interesting feedback related to basic textual analysis, but also sentiment, tone, wordcloud, etc.  We do not need any information on the students, just an identifier so the feedback goes to the right student.

If you are interested, we would be happy to publicize your school or group’s participation in press releases and posts.

Your students are also welcome to join in the Essay Competition which asks students about their vision for the future of technology with this prompt:

 Reflect on how technology touches your life and how rapid advancements might change the way we live, learn, work or connect with others in the future. 

Thanks for considering this!

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