The Future of Technology Summit

Literatu is happy to be a premier sponsor of this year’s Future of Technology Summit.  Held on November 2nd in Washington DC, the Summit boasts top names in technology’s past, present and future like technology legends Ray Kurzweil and Steve Wozniak (and many others) who will inspires us to consider where innovation is going and how it will touch our lives.

We’re awed by all these leaders, but know that those who will have the biggest impact on the future of technology are probably sitting in today’s classrooms! That’s why Literatu is holding a special Essay Competition for young people in the US and Australia.  In 600 words or less, we want them to:

Reflect on how technology touches your life and how rapid advancements might change the way we live, learn, work or connect with others in the future.

Stay tuned to learn more!

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