What’s all this about AI?

AI – huh?

Seems like everyone’s talking about AI these days – Tesla cars, Amazon assistants and Apple Homes are just a few – oops duck – here comes another drone delivering pizzas.  Who knew the Jetson’s future would be like this?

Ok – so the reason I’m being a little silly about what is and will become an issue with serious consequences for many people and their livelihoods is because it’s easy to think Artificial Intelligence is just for the big tech companies who seem to run everything and get to do what they want.

But we in education don’t have to be afraid and, I think, we need to flex our muscles and let it been know that instead of making education and schools more “alien,” we want AI that humanizes what can sometimes be an educational system that’s a little mechanical.

The animation above is meant to highlight this. Don’t let people – especially software companies – tell you that every classroom teacher now needs to put on a beanie and become a data geek.  The beauty of rich data, well-plumbed, is that it stops being “information” and becomes… “actionable intentions” and “awesome insights.”

Data and analytics isn’t about scary maths, it’s about people and making learning more effective, engaging and fun.

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