NAPLAN and Career Aspirations


A recent article in the Sydney Morning Herald, Year 5 NAPLAN scores could shape career goals: study, by Pallavi Singhal shares research from Professor Jenny Gore of the University of Newcastle.  The main focus of the study seems to be the correlation found between Year 5 NAPLAN results and student aspirations.  Clearly “typecasting” students and their ability and potential is never helpful, but the last line of the article particularly resonated with the work we do at Literatu.  Out purpose is to create clever algorithms that spin analytical insights making it easy for teachers to see the real gaps in student skills – completely moving away from those unhelpful blanket statements about being “good” or “bad” in maths or English.  We need to move far deeper into NAPLAN than the band scores if we hope to help lift the very typical “flat line” we see quite often.

So what was the last line?:

“It’s a messy, complex world we work in, in teaching.”

True enough, but I thought this should not be a lament, but a starting point given our promise to schools:

“Transform data chaos into student success.”

And this is the current reality!

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