Horizon Report 2017 – Upcoming Trends

The Horizon Report is a useful marking of near and long term trends in educational technology. The Preview version is available for K12 and highlights some interesting things. Of particular note is the mid-term trend related to the growing focus on measuring learning. “Mid-term” is estimated to be adopted widely in 3-5 years. As an early leader in this area, we’re glad to see such growing attention and interest:

The passage on Measuring Learning states:

The proliferation of data mining software and developments in online education, mobile learning, and learning management systems are coalescing toward learning environments that leverage analytics and visualization software to portray learning data in a multidimensional and portable manner.

We believe that when teachers have access to clever and easy learning analytics, it empowers them to either act on or challenge their instincts. We like to call what we do “AI,” but instead of “artificial intelligence” we try to make it more real and less scary: how about “Awesome Insights” or even “Actual Information”?

We’d love to hear from you about what you’re looking for as data-informed support.

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